(LP33) Customizable Family Baseball – Dad to son- I love you. FREE SHIPPING FROM 2 ITEMS

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Nancy M

I love this shirt so much. Thanks teammmmm

Patricia D.

I bought two different watches. One for each of my sons and I love them both. They are a good quality watch and the engraving was perfect! I will definitely be buying more engraved products for my loved ones in the future.

Dennis S.

Will see how the gift is liked byy son in December for his birthday. Time will tell?

Barry H.

I bought this watch for my son. He was ecstatic when he got it. While we have a very strong and loving relationship, this was something very special between us.

Bruce R.

I was really impressed with the watch face. It is very hansom looking. I purchased these as Christmas gifts for my 3 sons, so they are still in their respective boxes. I really can't wait to give them. I do have to comment on the engraving on the back. I was a little disappointed in the size of the lettering. I don't know why I thought it would have been bigger. But it is clear and easily readable. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Gary T.

The watch is great, I bought two of them but one of them was the wrong watch. It took a long time to get them and they we're gifts and one of my son's got the WRONG watch. I didn't notice until after I gave them to them. Was pretty disappointed to say the least!

Jim L.

This was a gift for my son and it blew him away ,I loved it

Pedro C.

The product its great but take so long to be delivered

Alberto B.

I bought it for my daughter in college. It took a while to arrive, but she loved it.

Barbara B.

It’s a gift for Christmas so I can show it just yet.

Hattie S.

My son loved it. He posted it on his facebook page.

Christopher D.

The watch was beautiful. My only issue is that it came from China which meant it took a LONG time to get here. Once I got it I was very happy. I only wish the website where I ordered it would have told me it would take over a month to get it.

Diane K.

I purchased this as a gift to my two sons. My oldest (24) loved it as did my 22 year old, however my 22 year old did not love the texture of the band. He is going to have it refit to a leather band. So my opinion is to keep as is!! The feedback was that It’s a beautiful gift!!

Cornelia S.

I got the watch as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I was very impressed with the watch in person.

Michael M.

Got this for my son. He absolutely loves it. Very special memory for me and him.

Susan R.

I ordered this for my son's 40th birthday. Luckily it arrived while we were in Japan visiting him. I was impressed with what a nice looking watch it was. Hope it hold up to the test of time.

Christina M.

I was so happy with the beautiful watch that arrived, and when I gave it to my son, he was just as happy, we love it!!! Amazingly wonderful.

Rifaat A.

I am keeping this watch to give it to my son, when he is a father, if I am a live at that time. I will also buy some later, for my other children.

Alan P.

my son loved the watch I gave him.....

Wayne D.

Really nice gift for my son who lives abroad thank you